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At WEBSPH, we valued our clients, we gave them an outstanding support that follow the quality standards of servicing and trouble shooting any web problems. Whether we do it for server side problem and client side script, or Client’s visual content problem. We have various ways to help our valued client to their problem, we help them thru online chat support, email, phone, or walk-in.

Following service offered:

  • Tutorial service – its added service which we will guide the client to learn how navigate using admin, editor, and author to each page and features. But some exception or limit on some cases. DIY guide/tutorial is free of charge.
  • Trouble shooting / Debugging Service – its free of service charge for 6 months from our project. But if the bug or error was made by the client or client plug-in, an additional charges may apply, this service is optional. Our warranty coverage are only for 6 months, but client may extend to 1yr or more if necessary. But some error are not human error, some error are causes of browser version and compatibility, browser extension and/or plugins, system software or hardware failure. If such event appeared, those error or problems are not covered by our warranty, especially if environment disaster occur, WEBSPH does not have liabilities to system losses or damage.