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Front-End to Back-End Web Development:

We develop web page(s) for faster loading, changeable page and non-changeable page, most ideal for online portfolio, personal page, online streaming (audio/video), web photo album, businesses, and organization whose looking forward a simplest way to edit their web content, navigate to their files, advance effects which is visible to web users and/or clients, and advance programming techniques for server side.

General terms:

  • Front-End Web Development – developing web page for client side user.
  • Back-End Web Development – developing applications or scripts for web server side.
  • Static Page – a non changeable page, frequently used at homepage, profile page, about page.
  • Dynamic Page – a changeable page, frequently used at homepage, e-commerce, blogging, posting, uploading, and many more.

Other terms of service:

  • Down payment or initial payment is required before start of the project.
  • If client requested additional service(s), WEBSPH will inform or submit notice for approval of a additional quotation before the continuation of a said project.
  • Client may request cancellation of project/service. But no refund will be made for the down payment.
  • Client has the right and/or copyrights to the inclusive content of website, including the domain name and digital materials, such as text content and uploaded/posted content. But the applications, scripts, and programs are owned by WEBSPH and/or other respective companies or websites.
  • Client may request a hard copy, fax-copy, or photo-copy of invoice(s). We can send it thru client registered email or registered address from contract information submitted.
  • If the client does not own a web domain, and as a precaution to avoid cancellation or early registration of domain name. WEBSPH has the rights to assign non-registered domain name into WEBSPH sub-domain or to free domain registrar, while the website is under development. But if ever client has registered web domain name, client may request to assign his website to his existing domain name.
  • Other terms are to be follow…depends on the agreements of both parties, WEBSPH and Client.