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WEBSPH, can process your domain registration, transfer, cancellation, change domain name, park domain, add-on domain. We can provide as well a free sub-domain name using free domain, but sub-domain that uses free domain name is limited to 2 years, please read domain name and sub-domain name registration below.

General Terms

  • Domain Name – is part of network that identifies the belongings of a website name.
  • Sub-Domain Name – is domain name prefix, used as additional website address but separate website, forum, blog, chat, or other forms of service(s) in a page(s). And yet… still under the same website host or a domain.
  • “.com”, “.org”, and etc… – is a domain name extension, and mostly handled by domain registrar, such Tucows…


Domain Name Registration

By registering a domain names (with some very limited exceptions), you enter into a contract of registration with the company whose will be handling your domain name. The contract includes conditions limiting our liability and relating to our use of your personal information. This contract is just for the domain name and separate to any arrangement you may have with any other organization for providing internet, hosting, or other service(s).


Domain Name Cancellation:

Cancellation of domain will cancel the contract with the company whose handling your domain name extension, such as “.com”. And it will take less than 24 hrs or maximum of 1 week to complete the process. About the refund, WEBSPH will not refund the payment for the domain name, including other fees from the domain added features, such domain lock and security. But other services, such as hosting, web development, or design is not included. The cancellation is separate since the payment and the processing is separate from the service.


Domain Name Change:

We accept domain change, but it will require a cancellation or transfer of a previous domain name. If domain does not exist and still valid for registering, a full payment of additional fees for new domain name is required.


Domain Name Transfer:

Transferring domain to another client or registrar will require a new additional payment to WEBSPH and Domain Registrar. Please be aware of other fees and no refund will be made from previous payment.


Sub-Domain Name Registration

Registering sub-domain does not cost an additional payment to domain registrar, and does not require to register separately. Registering sub-domain that are registered to private domain, does not have any limitation, as long as the domain exist the sub-domain exist as well.


Sub-Domain Terms:

  • Starter Hosting Account – we accept maximum 1 sub-domain
  • Personal Hosting Account – we accept maximum 3 sub-domain
  • Premium Hosting Account – we accept maximum 5 sub-domain
  • Business Hosting Account – we accept maximum 10 sub-domain
  • Corporate Hosting Account – we accept unlimited sub-domain


Domain Name Parking:

We accept domain parking to existing website, but it require access to existing domain. Client may register an unlimited domain in domain park.


Domain Name Addon:

We accept additional domain to existing hosting plan and domain, but this require a valid and existing domain name, access to domain name, and it has some limitation depending to hosting plan.

Add-on Terms:

  • Starter Hosting Account – no add-on domain available.
  • Personal Hosting Account – we accept maximum 2 add-ons domain
  • Premium Hosting Account – we accept maximum 4 add-ons domain
  • Business Hosting Account – we accept unlimited add-ons domain
  • Corporate Hosting Account – we accept unlimited add-ons domain


For more information and list of registrar, you may refer from this link: