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QUESTION: Most common question is… “Why do I need a WEBSITE?”

ANSWER: There is a lot reasons why do we need a website, and everyone has its own reasons. Below you can find one of your reasons you should know.

Reasons why do you need a website are the ff:

  • World Statistics: From the statistics more the 30% of 7 Billions Population of the world is using internet and still increasing everyday. The 90% people from the 30% of world populations can afford to buy products and services are online in the internet. Therefor your missing the opportunity of having them to purchase your product or service, increase your member in your organization or fans club, and many things you could be missing without a website.
  • Products and Services: Having a website will increase your potential profit and more customers. Now days, more and more people are using internet to canvas, order, or purchase something from the internet. We are can testify with that, because most of us buy or canvas better products, brand, or services using internet.
  • People Decision: You may influence most people decision without literally talking with them. Using search engine and website, people will locate your article, brand, product, and service information, business address, and many more; without spending a lot for the marketing tools and advertising for influencing people decisions.
  • Print Brochure: Company spend a lot for the brochure print and staff for the distribution. But not all brochure were able to attract your target audience, because of the limited information printed on it. But having a website, you will have a permanent brochure for minimum one year, you can provide unlimited information, your audience will reach you, and no need to spend for brochure print or staff for distribution. Your business,  organization, or industry will saves millions.
  • Availability: Unlike businesses establishment and company offices are not open for 24hrs/7days a week. But your website is available anytime, plus no need to supervise and hire a lot of staffs. No need to lock it up, install cctv cameras,  and hire security guard to secure your businesses,  organization, or industries .
  • Recognition: We all know having great recognition of the public is having a great advantage to any aspect we have or need. Whether on which industry you are, everybody need recognition. Therefor having a website or blog, you can demonstrate your skills, products, and/or services. You can show to public what do you have and what do you do to take pride of it.
  • Goal Assessment: Everybody like to assess the