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What does Computer Technician do or job descriptions?


  • Computer Maintenance
  • Analyze Computer Problems
  • Troubleshoot Computer Problems
  • Repairs Computer Problems
  • Replace Computer Components/Parts
  • Updates/Upgrades Softwares
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Network Installation & Setup
  • Network Ports/Firewall Configuration
  • Assemble/Disassemble Computer

For each tier/level of a Computer Technician perform various task & skills, such as the following:

Tier/Level I Computer Technician:

  • Computer Maintenance
    • Clean internal and external parts of computer components & periperals, such as the ff:
      • Desktop/Laptop board
      • Printers/Scanners
      • CRT/LCD/LED Monitors
    • Check hardware components stability of the ff:
      • Desktop/Laptop board
      • Memory
      • Hardisk
      • Network
      • Input/Output Devices
      • Wiring
  • Scan and remove computer virus infection
  • Assemble/Disassmble computer components and peripherals
  • Terminate/Connect wiring and cables
  • Install/Un-install softwares
  • Data Transfer Tier I (copy & paste softwares & datas)
  • Network Pheriperals Installation (cabling, wiring, and unit intallation)

Tier/Level II Computer Technician:

  • Can perform level 1 computer technical skills
  • Install/Un-install Softwares
  • Manual Computer Virus Removal (without using virus removal application)
  • Replace computer components and peripherals
  • Troubleshoot common problems for peripherlas and components devices
  • Troubleshoot common problems for softwares
  • Data Transfer Tier II (much accurate data transfer, and includes some of system files)
  • Network Pheriperal Setup (configure/setup internet and local network)
  • Data recovery Tier I (recover deleted files)

Tier/Level III Computer Technician

  • Can perform level 1 computer technical skills
  • Can perform level 2 computer technical skills
  • Replace/Repair computer board parts and other components/periperals parts.
  • Configure Network Ports & Firewalls
  • Data Transfer Tier III (100% duplicate, including OS)
  • Data recovery Tier II (recover formated & deleted files)